Since 90 years the name Wiedemeyer stands for first-class performance in all areas of logistics. On request, we take over the coordination and realization of your complete transport logistics, including factory and corporate relocations - at home and in foreign countries. All these activities require extensive know-how and many years of experience, which enables us to support you in your projects at very short notice.

Take advantage of our modern fleet, our generous storage facilities and in particular of our mission Reliability - Punctuality - Flexibility associated with competence, commitment and high service and customer orientation.


Certified quality management

The worldwide accepted standard ISO 9001:2015 provides a process and system orientated approach for quality management and continuous improvement. It allows us to implement a management system that matches our specific requirements and realities.

We at Wiedemeyer particularly place emphasis on:

  • Customer orientation
    Understand, fulfil and exceed customer needs
  • Leadership
    Congruence of target and orientation of our organisation
  • Employee orientation
    Motivation of employees; use of their compenence for our company’s benefit
  • Process orientation
    To guide and direct activities and recources as a process will increase their efficiency
  • System orientation
    Realize, understand, guide and direct interactive processes as a system
  • Continuous improvement
    Continuous improvement of the overall performance as a permanent organisational objective
  • Objective analysis for decision making
    Effective decisions are based on the analysis of data and information
  • Good vender relationships for mutual benefit
    Increase of added value on both sides

All this was again approved by DEKRA during our recertification.

We are convinced that our quality management system verifiably leads us to decreasing process and failing costs, to motivated employees, continuous improvement and - before all - to more satisfied customers. And this is our ultimate ambition.

Environmental management

Climate protection is both a social responsibility and an entrepreneurial challenge for our company. Therefore, we ship our mail with the GoGreen label of DHL, so that when shipping our letters no greenhouse gas emissions. This compensation is provided by the support of internationally recognized climate protection projects.