Since 88 years the name Wiedemeyer stands for first-class performance in all areas of logistics. On request, we take over the coordination and realization of your complete transport logistics, including factory and corporate relocations - at home and in foreign countries. All these activities require extensive know-how and many years of experience, which enables us to support you in your projects at very short notice.

Take advantage of our modern fleet, our generous storage facilities and in particular of our mission Reliability - Punctuality - Flexibility associated with competence, commitment and high service and customer orientation.



Our warehousing and production halls include more than 40.000m2 of base area. They are characterized by an excellent transportion connection as well as high-level technical equipment.

Our halls are heatable and capable of carrying 130 to unit weights. The lifting power of our warehousing cranes varies from 10 tons up to 125 tons. The height of the hooks is up to 10 m, the height of the halls reaches 14 m. The gates are 6 m wide and 5 m high. Of course we provide office and recreation rooms including fax and phone connections, rest rooms and an open depot.

A renowned packaging company has supported us for many years. Thereby we are able to offer the short-term takeover of your not packed engines and facilities, the transportation to our warehouses and the subsequent packaging by our well trained professionals. In addition we provide temporary storage capacities in our warehouses and further transportion to your customers or to European harbors.

In the field of Warehousing, we have prepared 13 showcases. These reports can give you a first idea on how we work. We are happy to answer questions you may have.

Our warehouse locations

Main warehouse in Wetter

Street address:
Remestraße 7-9
58300 Wetter (Ruhr)
Warehouse in Ennepetal

Street address:
Scharpenberger Straße 96
58256 Ennepetal
Warehouse in Hattingen

Street address:
Schmiedestraße 3
45527 Hattingen

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The following picture gallery, which will be continuously developed, can only provide a first impression of the service category Warehousing. We should personally talk about your specific requirements and ideas.

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Have you already seen our 2-sided flyer on warehousing?

We have created a 2-sided A4 flyer for you that provides a brief overview of our performance range in the area warehousing.

Have you already seen our 6-sided flyer on warehousing?

We have created a 6-sided A4 flyer for you that provides a visual insight into our warehouses in Wetter, Ennepetal and Hattingen.

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